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we would like to welcome you on our web site. Our travel agency Slovia is specialized in sight-seeing tours in Slovakia. With our activities we try to discover our country for visitors from abroad. We cooperate mostly with German speaking guests because many of them have roots in our country. However, we are very happy to guide visitors from other countries all around the world, as well.
First German settlers arrived at the territory of our country in the second half of the 13th century. The reason was invitation from the Hungarian King Bela IV. to settle our country destroyed after attacks of Mongolian tribes. Plenty of our cities were founded or developed by Germans. Unfortunately, the period of communist government has broken this historical line.

We also have very much in common with Austrians. All our rules, after the big Moháč defeat by Turkish army in 1526, were from the House of Habsburg . All our kings from 1563 to 1830 were coronated to Hungarian kings in the cathedral of St. Martin, in those times in the capital of Hungarian kingdom under the German name Pressburg, Hungarian name Pozsony, today Bratislava.  The territory of today´s Slovakia was under the name Upper Hungary a part of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy until 1918.

We try to introduce our history and presence from this point of view, as well.

Our trips are offered in bigger range, but each client can take decision about the length and content of the trip, which then can be made to individual wishes.

We would like to invite you to discover our country and gain new information about Slovakia, which has a lot to offer. We know, what will be of your interest.

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